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Copper Valley Swim & Tennis Club

Private Party Reservation – Pool

Member Name: _____________________________________________________________________________________

Phone Number: __________________________________________E-mail: __________________________________

Party date: _____________________________________ Rain date: _________________________________________

Hours of party: _______________Number of guests: _____________Number of members:_____________

Note: Some dates and times may not be available due to swim meets or club events.

Costs for Guests:

The basic cost for a party is $125 for the use of the facility for 20 guests in a reserved area.  Additional guests are $5.00 per person (our typical guest fee).

There is no charge for party guests who are club members.

There is a $15 per hour charge for staff coverage during party rental period

Costs for Lifeguards (if necessary):

Parties with 15 or more guests will be required to pay for additional Lifeguards. One guard for every 15 additional guests at a rate of $15 per guard, per hour.

Total Estimated Cost:

Basic Fee: $125

Expected cost for additional guests: $5.00 per non-member guest _____________________

Expected cost for guards: See calculation rules above _______________________

Total Estimated Cost: _____________________


A 50% deposit is due at the time of reservation based upon the estimated number of guests. The balance is due upon arrival on the day of the party, at the guardhouse.  Checks should be made payable to Copper Valley Swim & Tennis Club Inc, P.O. Box 282, Cheshire, CT 06410.

Questions? During regular season hours, contact Club Operations at the club at 203-272-6416 or email requests to cvccluboperations@gmail.com

Rules and Regulations

Party guests are subject to all club rules and regulations.

Member signing this form is responsible for informing the lifeguard staff of the identity of any non-swimmers in the group.

Party guests are permitted access to most club facilities for the duration of the party, including pool, clubhouse, playground, picnic area, basketball, volleyball and tennis courts, and locker rooms.

No food is allowed on the pool deck. No glass containers are allowed.

Party host and guests are responsible for cleanup of the club house and/or picnic area space used for party.   Garbage receptacles and recycling bins are readily accessible.

I agree that all party members will follow all club rules and regulations. I am responsible for informing

the lifeguard staff of the identity of any non-swimmers in the group.

Signature: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

Payment: Amount: $ _____________ Received on: _____________ Check # ________ Manager Approval ______

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